We transform the status quo through Innovation and ESG.


We are an international consulting firm that transforms the status quo through Innovation and ESG. We work simply, effectively, and with the appropriate methods to create value for our stakeholders.

As a boutique consulting firm with talented, multidisciplinary, and hands-on team members, we serve companies worldwide, from our offices in Madrid, Spain, and São Paulo and Porto Alegre, Brazil. We focus on quality and proactivity to ensure that results are delivered.

We are signatories of the UN Global Compact, and participate in the impact ecosystem to keep up with the latest developments in impact measurement, standards, and best practices.

In 2022, we became carbon neutral and we are committed to this goal until 2030. We are also B-Corp Certified, meaning we operate at the highest levels of social and environmental performance, as well as, corporate responsibility.

We are committed to being at the forefront of knowledge, and believe that innovation and ESG are the two most important strategic forces that challenge company management teams. The movement is continuous. 

We keep on acting, learning, and creating economic and socio-environmental value. 

Cheers, Numerik

Our values

These are the values that guide us, whether building relationships in our network, ensuring quality in the work we do for our clients, and in our team routines.


We are life-long learners. We have the humility to know that we don’t hold absolute knowledge, and, therefore, we always seek to improve and learn.

Human Relations

Our human factor makes the work light, we are boutique, curious, and adaptable. We demand the best of ourselves, and respect others.


A highly qualified team that is not afraid to ‘get its hands dirty’ is how many identify us. Proactivity is in our DNA, along with a sense of responsibility.


Our ethical sense guides us to a more equal, conscious, and responsible planet. We create value by bringing the tools for large companies to align with the new era of stakeholders approach.


Quality-driven work is what sets us apart. It represents our highest ambition, in all aspects of our day-to-day.

We are members of UN Global Compact Network Brazil, one of the most significant initiatives to engage the private sector in actions aligned to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

We are B Corp Certified® and seek to operate at the highest level of social and environmental performance and corporate responsibility.

We are committed to being carbon neutral by 2030. We reached this goal in 2022.


Nós acreditamos que a execução estratégica é chave para que as organizações cumpram seu propósito e criem valor de longo prazo.Apoiamos nossos clientes em alinhar estratégia e prática, adotar uma visão orientada a todos os stakeholders e contribuir para os Objetivos de Desenvolvimento Sustentável (ODS). Utilizamos estratégias de inovação aberta e ESG para chegar lá.


Nossa visão é que, em um período de 10 anos, as organizações consigam alinhar totalmente seu core business com os objetivos determinados pelos Objetivos de Desenvolvimento Sustentável da Agenda 2030 da ONU. A Numerik acredita no valor dos stakeholders e está determinada a apoiar as empresas na busca de maneiras criativas de melhorar seus esforços ambientais, sociais e de governança para se manterem competitivos em um cenário de negócios onde clientes e funcionários exigem formas organizacionais alternativas.


O sistema de valores da Numerik é baseado na ideia de que nosso trabalho deve ser relevante e consistente. Orientam a forma como trabalhamos, selecionamos clientes, contratamos funcionários e executamos as operações. Os valores proporcionam um certo grau de paz de espírito: ao vivê-los, acreditamos que fazemos o bem para nós mesmos, para nossos clientes e para o mundo.

Our partners

Partner for Innovation and ESG content.

Partner for Innovation programs.

Accredited consulting firm with exclusive services in: Open Innovation, Community Engagement, and Startup Acceleration.

Accredited consulting firm with exclusive services in: Open Innovation, and Community Engagement.

We are an official B Corp Way partner in B Advisory and B in the Boardroom categories.

Impact Report 2021

This is Numerik’s first Impact Report.

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