Our methodology is guided by our commitment to drive organizations to align their work with the fulfillment of the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), with the end-to-end operation.

ESG Strategy

In ESG Strategy, we map out activities and guidelines to incorporate ESG values and practices within the company.

Based on the ESG Strategy, we help our clients become more transparent and conscious about their work, demonstrating the environmental, social and governance factors that the company determines to be material and necessary to implement an action plan in its business operations.


Impact Report

A company's transparency is essential to increase its competitiveness in the market. The Impact Report is an effective way to demonstrate your social and environmental initiatives and commitment. 

We prepare a digital report, including quantitative and qualitative data analyses about our client’s performance in ESG factors: Environment, Social, and Governance. The document is made available to all its stakeholders, and acts as a guiding tool for its future company strategies.


B Corp Certification

Becoming a B Corp certified company increases value for your stakeholders and proves that your business is on the right track. 

Nonetheless, we know that many companies do not have the tools or expertise to initiate the certification process. Numerik provides the necessary assistance, with team workshops for strategic definition and support in the completion and organization of the necessary documentation and management tools to effectively implement the B Corp way in the company’s DNA. One of them is the Impact Report itself.


Capacitação In-Company

Despite being widely discussed topics, not all employees understand exactly the importance of ESG practices and the 2030 Agenda for their company. 

Given this scenario, we offer In-Company Training programs, with workshops, online events and content preparation in order to increase the knowledge and engagement of the teams with these topics. 

According to a McKinsey survey, 82% of employees believe that it is important that their company have a clear purpose.* And it is on this purpose that In-Company Trainings have the maximum impact.


ESG Cases

Fórum Encadear
We identified sustainability startups  and developed capacity-building content tracks in preparation for their participation in the event. We connected these startups to relevant companies in their segments with the goal of promoting ESG-related solutions. 
Reimagining Community Health Challenge
We planned and executed a communication strategy that identified community health pioneers across Europe with the goal of helping them grow their impact and build a community that fosters an enabling environment, creating systemic change across Europe. In partnership with Ashoka and Johnson Johnson Foundation, we identified more than 130 qualified applications, in 15 European countries.
Gulbenkian 25>25
Numerik launched Ashoka Portugal’s first programme focused on entrepreneurial youth within the Fundação Calouste Gulbenkian network of schools in the country. Our goal was to identify 25 individuals under 25 years old who had innovative ideas in the areas of Health & Well-Being, Environmental Sustainability, Circular Economy, Technology, and Humanity. We had 473 students engaged in 13 regions of the country, with 67 submissions.

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